Salvation Hair
Tailor made Colours

Salvation Hair is your destination for modern, personalised hair color. Our skilled team specialises in tailorised colours, incorporating the latest techniques like foilyage, balayage, and baby lights. With a focus on precision and individuality, our expert stylists collaborate with you to achieve the perfect look, whether it's a bold transformation or a subtle enhancement.

The right technique for you

Step into a world where hair becomes a canvas, and every stroke of colour is an expression of individuality. At Salvation Hair, we specialise in the artistry of tailorised colours, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge techniques like foilyage, balayage, and baby lights with the goodness of vegan colours and products. Our commitment goes beyond just creating beautiful hair; it's about crafting a personalised masterpiece that reflects your unique style and values.

Foilyage, balayage, and baby lights are not just trends; they are techniques that elevate hair colouring to an art form. Our skilled team at Salvation Hair understands that the right colour can be transformative, enhancing your features and expressing your personality. Foilyage, a technique that combines the depth of traditional foil highlights with the seamless blend of balayage, creates a multidimensional and natural-looking finish. Balayage, with its freehand painting approach, adds a sun-kissed glow to your locks, while baby lights delicately illuminate and frame your face.

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Our dedicated team takes a personalised approach, carefully analysing your face shape to determine the most flattering and harmonious haircut for you. Whether it's strategically placing highlights to accentuate your facial contours, choosing tones that complement your skin undertones, or opting for a balayage technique to add dimension, our team leverages their expertise to ensure your hair colour enhances your natural beauty. We understand that each face shape is distinct, and our commitment is to create a hair colour that not only aligns with your personal style but also highlights the individuality of your features, leaving you with a radiant and harmonious look.